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Love, Maddy

Hot Cross Bun Candle Melt

Hot Cross Bun Candle Melt

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Love the idea of a candle but don't love the idea of burning something in your home or office? 

We have the perfect product for you! A Candle Melt! A cross between a candle & wax melts. This candle melt comes in a glass jar, just like a candle would but it does not contain a wick! 

Now you're probably thinking, well how do I use it then?

All you need is a warmer! You may actually already have one if you have an electric warmer for wax melts but otherwise you can purchase one here

Just place the jar on the warmer, turn the warmer on & Bob's your uncle (or grandfather in my case). 

You may also be thinking, but why

Because they are less dangerous than a candle! There is no flame involved so they're not a fire hazard & although the wax gets heated up by the warmer, it doesn't get as hot as it would with a wick/flame (I am able to pick up a fully melted jar from the warmer without it burning me or being extremely hot). Some warmers also turn themselves off after a certain amount of time, which is great if you are forgetful, or get busy! 

You also get more bang for your buck with a candle melt as they last a lot longer than a candle would. 

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