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Make your space sparkle with one of our Air Plant Crystals!

Details :

Our Air Plant Crystals are made with exquisite Serpentine, & an air plant. This air plant crystal is perfect for adding something unique to your decor.

Materials : 

Our Air Plant Crystals are made with natural stones & an air plant, wrapped with gold wire.

Basic Info :

Our Air Plant Crystals are designed & created by Ash in Rodney, New Zealand. These air plants crystals are one-of-a-kind so get in quick if you see one you like.

This listing is ready to ship & will be carefully wrapped & on it's way to you within 3 working days.

Where to display your Air Plant Crystal :

Work desk.
Bedside table.

Plant care :

In order to thrive, air plants need bright, indirect light. The higher humidity in your space, the more light is tolerated by your plant. This means if you put your plant somewhere it will get loads of light, you should mist it with water more often (twice a week or even daily). In artificial light, you will need full-spectrum light. Using fluorescent lighting will mean your plant needs 12 hours of light & will need to be within 1 metre of this light. A grow light would be most recommended for office or basement use or anywhere it won't get the recommended light.

Every one to two weeks, soak your air plant in room temperature water for 5-10 minutes. Shake excess water from your plant, turn it upside down on a towel that is placed in a bright space. Leaving your plant in water for too long will cause it to rot. If your plant has not dried within 3 hours of its soak it may rot so move your plant to somewhere that has more air circulation and is brighter. It should roughly take the plant between 1 & 3 hours to dry. Once a week mist your plant thoroughly with water using a spray bottle until the surface of the plant is moistened but not dripping. The hotter & drier the air, the more you will need to water it. The colder & more humid the air, the less you will need to water it. Water your plants in the morning as the evenings will disrupt the plant's ability to respire overnight.

Underwatering the plant will cause the tips of its leaves to turn brown or crispy. Overwatering the plant will cause the base to rot, & often means it cannot be saved. The base will turn brown or black & the leaves will start to fall off. 

What you will receive :

The items you pick out.
A storage bag to keep your items safe from harm (the sun, dust).
A business card.
A thank you card with a personalized, handwritten note.

Fun fact: I hand stamp these storage bags with my logo.

How I package your items :

Packaging is one of my favourite parts (behind creating, of course) because growing up I had more joy out of wrapping & giving gifts than receiving them. This reminds me of that & gives me joy that at the other end you will be receiving something I have put my heart & soul into. The items you have chosen will be wrapped in tissue then popped into one of our storage bags along with our business card & personalised thank you card. This will then be wrapped in bubble wrap (which we reuse from when we receive stock) & popped into a decomposable courier bag.   

Other :

If you have any questions, wishes or thoughts regarding this item; please feel free to contact me. I would love to help. For custom requests, orders or more - send me a message & I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you'll visit again soon.

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