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Love, Maddy

Amethyst Crystal Vial

Amethyst Crystal Vial

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These beautiful glass vials are filled with your choice of crystal chips. Great for home or office décor, and they are the perfect size to hold in your hands. 

The vials are 30mls.

Rose Quartz open the heart to all types of love. It helps raise your self-esteem, store confidence and balance emotions. It is also one of the best crystals to use for positive self-affirmations. 

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever that brings protection and spiritual growth. It rids your home and body of negative energy while attracting positive energy. 

Garnet is a crystal of health, passion and energy. It ensures that energy is flowing smoothly throughout your body, dissolving any energy blockages. It also helps you to feel grounded, secure and safe. 



Thanks to Energy Muse for the crystal descriptions. 

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