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Love, Maddy

Fairy Bread Hidden Magick Candle

Fairy Bread Hidden Magick Candle

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Light up your life with our bespoke Hidden Magick Candle!

Details :

Our Hidden Magick Candles are made with a natural soy wax (yay for being vegan & kosher), coloured with a vegetable based dye & has beautiful wooden wicks. Each & every candle has an exquisite crystal hidden in it.

Materials : 

Our Hidden Magick Candles are made from a natural plant based soy wax that is GMO FREE & contains NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives & is also VEGAN & KOSHER. 

We use highly purified fragrance oils in our Hidden Magick Candles which are 100% Phthalate free.

The candle dye we use is vegetable based & the wicks are wooden made from oak, cypress, cherry or maple. 

For our beeswax wraps we use a cerified organic & cosmetic grade beeswax which come from New Zealand hives. The Beekeeper/hives have been certified as organic by Asure Quality. 

Basic Info :

Our Hidden Magick Candles are designed & created by Ashlee in Rodney, New Zealand. These Hidden Magick Candles are released in small batches, so if you see a colour &/or fragrance combo you love, get in quick.

This listing is ready to ship & will be carefully wrapped & on it's way to you within 3 working days.

Fragrance Notes :

Super sweet candied fairy bread that takes you right back to kindy parties. 

What you will receive :

The candle you picked out. 
A beeswax wrap.
A business card.
A thank you card with a personalized, handwritten note.

How I package your items :

Packaging is one of my favourite parts (behind creating, of course) because growing up I had more joy out of wrapping & giving gifts than receiving them. This reminds me of that & gives me joy that at the other end you will be receiving something I have put my heart & soul into. The candle you have chosen will be covered by a handmade beeswax wrap. A personalised thank you card & business card will be added. This will then be wrapped in bubble wrap (which we reuse from when we receive stock) & cardboard & popped into a compostable courier bag. 

You have the option to add gift wrapping which means your candle will be popped into a gift box & wrapped with brown paper instead. 

Other :

If you have any questions, wishes or thoughts regarding this item; please feel free to contact me. I would love to help. For custom requests, orders or more - send me a message & I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you'll visit again soon.

For more pictures & updates please follow me on Facebook & Instagram.

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